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Mangrove Root base with sculpted Walnut seat

Slim, modern metal base with sculpted Cherry seat

Cherry seat with sculpted surface to accommodate "sit bones".

Mangrove root base with Tiger-striped maple sculpted seat

Lightweight metal base with sculpted Cherry seat

Minimalist metal base with sculpted Spalted Maple seat.

Mangrove Root Bar Stools

 Florida's Mangrove trees have roots which build a network that supports fish, birds and critters and results in building islands. Roofner designed a barstool base inspired by these trees and collaborated with local metal artists to build the base.

Custom  Handmade Barstools

All metal bases are designed in collaboration with metal artists and and are hand-built. The seats are also handmade and custom designed for comfort with a raised ridge between the legs and sculpted scoops to allow comfort for your pelvis or "sit bones".

The seats come in various hardwoods and the barstools are offered in any height .

The most common heights for barstools are 32" or 36".

Contact me through the contact page or call 407-876-6706

to discuss pricing and custom options.

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