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Chair Making

I spend about 80 hours hand making each sculptured rocking chair. I choose highly figured hardwoods, carefully matching wood grain for symmetry. The design, similar to chairs designed by the late Sam Maloof and Hal Taylor, has classic lines which compliment any décor. The chairs include flexible back braces and a contoured seat for low back comfort. An extremely soft, smooth finish is accomplished by sanding the chairs for hours, finally with 1000 grit paper. Rocking chairs are available in custom sizes to best fit each client.


A Word About the Wood - Natural, Durable, Green

Wood is made up of cells that swell and shrink in response to heat and humidity. Sealing and finishing does not change this. This movement is natural and does not compromise the integrity of the piece. Wood has natural characteristics that add to its’ beauty and makes it distinct….characteristics such as knots. If any of these characteristics concern you, I will try to choose lumber free of these variations.

All wood used is from sustainable forests or reclaimed wood. Sustainable forests use either selective harvesting or plantation harvesting for high demand wood.
The ancient Kauri wood is reclaimed wood from the peat bogs of New Zealand.


There are no shortcuts in handcrafted pieces. Everything is custom made. After the wood is selected and aged, I cut out the shapes I will need for the seat, arms, rockers, back and back braces. I then go to work carving the third dimensional shape into these flat pieces. The wood is hand worked; planed, shaped and sanded to provide a strong, beautiful chair for you.



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